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Tradies Earning Double The Amount of an Average Lawyer

Electricians and plumbers are listed as Australia’s richest tradies as they are estimated to be earning more than double of what the average lawyer and online coaching business earns.

In Queensland, if you are a landscaper or an electrician, you can be earning up to $16 an hour more than landscapers and tradies in other states and are listed among the country’s richest tradies.


Job quote website, shows national figures and it shows that the average electrician is charging $75.23 per hour which is up 1.4 per cent on last year. It also shows how the average landscaper is charging an estimated $70.57 per hour.


Plumbing still remains the highest-paying trade throughout Australia, at an estimated $78.40 an hour, however landscapers in Queensland are the country’s richest, earning almost $9 more an hour than those in Western Australia and $16 more than Victorian landscapers. Bear in mind, even though these rates aren’t as high of that of cloud computing services, for the trade industry these figures are pretty astonishing.


The rates follow the Australian wide trend of licensed and skilled trades charging for more than the professions, with plumbers and electricians earning more than double the average of a sales copywriter or even a lawyer, p.a. who, according to PayScale, charges about $37 an hour.


Jeremy Levitt, chief executive of service, states how tradies generally have some expenses come out of their hourly rate, such as things like insurance, however, skilled tradies have the potential to earn a fortune.


He says that if you pick a trade where you need a license and the work is complex, you could earn more than a business time management melbourne company.


Levitt then goes on to talk about how house painting and gardening are relatively unskilled trades but they most certainly provide you with a steady income, however, if you would like to be rich, then it would be a smart idea to get a license and become an electrical contractor or a plumber.

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