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How Technology Can Enhance your Business

It is no secret that technology is totally changing how small and medium-sized companies function. Whether you are a local coffee store which utilizes a countertop point-of-sale system to produce latte orders or an internet boutique that provides customers the choice to monitor their most recent purchase, internet-enabled IT systems are creating small companies faster, smarter, and better coordinated.

A recent survey from Zogby Analytics reveals that roughly one-third of small-business owners said new technologies has been their No. 1 investment priority for 2015.

If you are planning on starting your own business here are the ways technology can enhance productivity and trade.

  1. You are able to use a CRM to stay informed about your clients.

Many small business owners utilize customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to thoroughly plan out their interactions with clients in record time. Using a CRM, you may continue to keep every one of your clients’ contact info in one area, together with detailed information about the goods they’ve bought, the comments they have given you, as well as the marketing materials you have shown them.

Keeping track makes it a lot easier to provide outstanding customer support, in addition to targeted advertising materials according to your customers’ habits and tastes.

  1. It is possible to use a business intelligence system to create smarter decisions.

Just because it is called “large data” does not mean it cannot be effective for the small company. Business intelligence applications enables you to automatically organize and examine each of the many data points which produce your business what it is; such as revenue information, pricing information, and provider contracts.

Websolutions are programmed to spot and report significant information that offers you a valuable view of your business’s health. It can tell you when one of your salespeople is having a superb year or can caution you with a red flag that your profits are taking a nosedive in a certain sector.

  1. You are able to use accounting software to control your finances.

Keeping a close watch on earnings and cash flow is an essential component of managing a thriving small company, yet this procedure can quickly become time-consuming if you do not have the correct technology.

Using Sage One’s bookkeeping program, you are able to get up-to-the-minute reports on where your company stands continuously. Sage One’s easy-to-use user interface and easy setup make it simpler than ever to bill your clients and keep track of obligations.

Now, think back to the way that business traded a couple of decades ago. There was no email, Web, mobile advertising, telecommuting or tablets. Nowadays communications are instantaneous, quantities of information through email and the net and strong tools are at the hands of employees and owners. Advances in technology have enhanced operations in businesses of all sizes and assisted development of modest regional companies into international companies.


Mobile phones have become a small business requirement for owners and workers. These are lifelines for staying connected when on the street and in responding to customer queries in a timely way. Smartphones increase the bar using the internet, email and business applications in a little hand held device. Email, text messaging and social networking along with different improvements in communication maintain small business and allow them to be connected to their own client bases and enhance internal communication inside the corporation. Business are able to create blogs and share content such as essential marketing tips for Mortgage Brokers on a mortgage broker website.


Technology has freed small companies from the constraints of prints advertisements in regards to reaching new and current customers. Online marketing ranges from a simple informational site, to advertisements on search engines, to internet product sales. Email advertising is an effective and low cost way to attain a massive group of people who have a newsletter, coupons or company upgrades. Mobile advertising is a fairly new frontier that reaches individuals through text messaging, advertisements on mobile programs and supplying branded software that connect customers into what’s occurring with the company in a fun and enjoyable manner. Some businesses use a custom web design to stand out amongst their competitors and that is their way of advertising.


Small companies will need to wring every ounce of productivity from the technology and operations tools help workers get jobs done faster. This may vary from printing out advertising materials to providing customer support through email or internet chat. The crucial thing is to keep workers focused when utilizing technology and to utilize it appropriately with the objective of saving some time. From time to time, a telephone call might be more effective than an email address. Provide employees with the perfect hardware and upgraded software to allow them to function at peak proficiency.

Client Services

Technology brings companies closer to clients. Mortgage broker websites use email to answer questions, provide online chat to assist clients which are seeing the company site, and equip call centers with the most recent phone equipment which produces customer support representatives more efficiently. Give clients a choice of methods to speak to the business. Technology is strong, but maintain the people element and do not skip over on training workers in successful customer service methods and the right use of the technologies.

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