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Fleet Management Software Compared

With three workers in three trucks, it is pretty easy to figure out who is where, if they are on time, and how much every technician is costing you. With twenty techs and a dozen vehicles, trying to monitor everything can get hairy. Fortunately, fleet management programs can help you keep tabs on everybody.

Across the board, fleet management software is excellent for giving a real-time perspective of your trucks. You can see where everybody is, track mileage, schedule maintenance, and create reports based off of use.

Here’s a fleet management software comparison demonstrating the manners five of the large players are identifying themselves through unique capabilities. All of these options allow GPS integration, making certain that you get the most from your purchase. All of the choices on this list have mileage tracking, routing, and vehicle monitoring.

  1. ClearPath GPS

ClearPathGPS’s primary distinguishing feature is their month-to-month contract arrangement. As opposed to getting locked into a multi-year contract, ClearPath’s version provides the flexibility to disregard telematics, in case you decide you do not want it.

ClearPathGPS also provides tools that facilitate a fleet manager’s workload. They provide virtual timecard reports that turn your drivers’ workloads into readily viewed reports. Those timecards may also be exported into your accounting software, cutting down on data entry, improving the overall team management of your organisation.

This information ClearPath collects can become a part of a comprehensive, strategic summary of your business. ClearPath includes a library of over 60 kinds of visualisations and reports, so you may take the individual details of these digital timecards (how long was that one motorist stopped at his noon shipping destinations?) And make them part of a general overview (How long do all my drivers take at each delivery stop? Who takes the longest?)

  1. GPSTrackIt

While not entirely a cloud management system, GPS TrackIt has designed a tablet-focused site called Driver, that allows field workers and central office supervisors to collaborate. The Driver website includes a section for messaging, stop scheduling and route planning, and a method for filling out forms. Users can create customised forms for refuelling, job management, and upgrades.

GPS Trackit offers two apparatus for tracking vehicle diagnostics. Users may use either an OBD-II or an under-the-hood solution, assisting you to pre-empt breakdowns by interpreting that pesky check engine light. The system also supports geofencing, driver management, and fuel card usage tracking.

  1. Route4Me

Route4Me is just another cloud-based fleet management program. The plus side of cloud program? You don’t need to put money into, or keep, the servers that hold all of your information. Route4Me handles all of that, and you have the advantage of the information.

Route4Me calls itself the most dynamic fleet management applications available on the market. Whether that superlative is correct, they do update their maps up to tens of thousands of times per hour. When there’s a change to your path, Route4Me is very likely to catch it.

Route4Me also has open APIs, or application programming interfaces. Open APIs allow you to personalise the Route4Me program to your requirements (assuming you understand how to code, or you have got somebody who does understand on your IT team). In case you’ve got a desire, the off-the-shelf program cannot match, you can customise it, as you would a fleet vehicle.

For instance, Route4Me suggests using their open API to incorporate their final mile delivery attribute with the addresses on your sales software. Because of this, you can find the ideal addresses into Route4Me without worrying about data entry mistakes.

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