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Content Writing for Mortgage Brokers

If you are venturing into creating an internet presence, there is one phrase you have likely discovered by now: content writing.

As a mortgage broker, you might not see the importance of writing content. You might not think it’s crucial for the type of professional you are.

Nonetheless, this is a massive mistake! Content is used to increase customer participation, which leads to more customers and business for you, ask a trusted business advisor, they will say the same thing,

Curious how to get the most from your content advertising? Have queries? Keep reading to discover.

Content writing: the perfect recipe

You might believe that your site speaks for itself and you do not have to dive into the world of content writing. This idea could not be further from the truth!

Content writing may only serve to call attention to your business, meaning it drives visitors, which in turn provides you more business. Just having a site and contact information is not sufficient in this day and age: you will need to crack into providing valuable content.

It can be overwhelming at first; that much is inevitable. How do you produce great content for yourself to stay ahead of the game?

We’ve got seven important methods for you to use, and by the end, you are going to be a content writing master.


The number one rule when it comes to content writing is that your content must be original. If you are just regurgitating stuff that is already out there, who is going to read it? Why should they visit you? Looking at other broker websites is great for inspiration and to get ideas, however you must ensure that you don’t simply copy, your website needs to be new and fresh.

Sure, it could be tricky to determine what’s really original in today’s saturated advertising world. On the other hand, the Internet offers you a multitude of choices regarding how to get content out there. Find the ideal market for you to attack, and strike it hard!

What’s more, if your content isn’t original, search engines will penalise and rank your site lower than your competition. And don’t overlook the power of keywords. Keywords can do wonders for attracting more visitors to your sight, enlist the help of an AdWords agency to help with your digital marketing strategy so you can integrate this into your online content.


Give your audience content that is actionable. This means that you will need to give them guidance. Give them answers to their problems – and hopefully, those solutions point to you.

You need to give them a reason to want to work with you as their mortgage broker. Content writing opens up a whole world of possibilities, but you must give them a means to engage.

Speaking of participation, this may also refer to audience interaction. Do your prospective customers have a reason – or even the capacity – to interact with you?

It may not look like it, but your customers like to know that there’s a human on the other end of the computer screen. It gives them a feeling of security to know that somebody is writing to them on matters they would like to know about.

Audience engagement equals more perspectives for you, which equals more business.

Be a guru

If you are not an expert in your field, then what exactly are you doing in that area in the first place?

In regard to content writing, people want the information they’re studying to come from a trusted source. That means you’ve got to be the expert. You are the one holding their hands and giving them guidance.

The simplest way to become a guru is to get somewhere to specialise. This permits you to tap into under-utilised markets and talk to the men and women that are searching for that sort of content.

Some specialisations for mortgage professionals may include: First Time Home Buyers, Jumbo Mortgages, Refinances, Sub-prime, etc. Find one that works best for you and do it! Show off your knowledge, and watch as your customer base starts to soar.

Images and video

The thing about content is: it does not just refer to the text.

Walls of text without disturbance can be overwhelming to your viewers. Even when they are split with subheadings (essential – but you will learn about these later), paragraphs of advice are not the ideal way to get your information across.

Check into video and images to help give your customer base that extra boost it needs!

You may also optimise your video and pictures, so if showing up on search engines is the worry, do not let it stop you! Your articles can still be found just as easily, and your viewers will appreciate the exceptional approach.

Continual updates

Writing your content is not a one-and-done sort of deal. It is a process. A long one, particularly if you would like your career to keep progressing upwards.

Continual updates are essential to keep your content relevant and current. This also shows your audience that you are still engaged with your organisation, giving them the reassurance that you won’t just up and abandon them.

If you are making the dive into creating articles, you are going to be in it for the long haul. Be certain that you’re capable of coming up with new content consistently to keep your audience engaged.


The magic key to composing content is scheduling.

Let’s say you opt to use a blog to promote your business. You set objective of once per week for updates. Not too strenuous, right?

However, you also need to keep this on top of all your other work. Beyond that, you want to think of original content and actually write it – and don’t forget to incorporate AdWords into each blog post.

The simplest way to deal with this would be to write your ideas early. Keep to a schedule, whether you choose to write weekly or daily. Have an idea about what you would like to write weeks ahead of time, so you aren’t suddenly stumped weekly.

Keep this up, and you’ll be on your way to keeping a compelling presence.

Keep it short

Let us be honest: in the current climate of smartphones and instant gratification, your audience may not have the attention span to absorb your content. You want your mortgage broker website to be straight to the point and not littered with irrelevant information.

This means you’ve got to find a way to relay the same information, but in a condensed manner. A great way to achieve this is to divide any long articles (let us say more than 1000 words) into multiple components.

This gives your audience an incentive to keep coming back for more while keeping things simple for them to digest.

They will also probably remember crucial details of shorter articles, and are more inclined to act on them!


In the current Internet climate, consistent, interesting, original content is crucial for maintaining and growing your customer base, whatever type of business you are.

By putting yourself out there in the vast online world, you are staying at the forefront of potential clients’ minds, which will, in turn, lead to more business for you. It boosts your reputation and can have a positive effect on your overall business. We hope this strategic business advise has been helpful and you find a way to integrate some of these tips into your business


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