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4 Uses For LED Lights You Never Knew


All of us know how hot and steamy a vehicle’s interior can get when it’s incredibly bright. Why not put a few of the sun’s rays to work for you? That’s the concept behind this brand-new solar-powered LED automobile sunroof from Philips. Motorists can turn a switch to pick in between a normal, clear sunroof or a solar-powered light that lights up the vehicles interior offering great light control There is also a wide variety of other LED lights for automobiles consisting of turn signals and brake lights.


LED lights are 8 times more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, however, did you understand that LED innovation can make us happier and more productive too? That’s exactly what scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO discovered when they established their LED virtual sky panels, which look brilliant in new modern house designs. Developed to transform ceiling panels in offices, the light-laced modules simulate the sky, providing workers the sense that they remain in an open wide working space. Far more enjoyable than being under extreme, flickering fluorescents. And because researchers show that natural daylighting enhances productivity levels upwards of 15%, these LED panels might mean that more work is getting done also.


Anybody who keeps in mind catching fireflies in a container as a child and marveling at their glow can appreciate Consol’s wonderful Sunshine in a Bottle lamp. Sold in South Africa, where the sunshine is abundant, the glass bottle can be left out all the time to collect the sun’s rays by means of a photovoltaic panel in the cover, and can then light up the night using a little LED. In addition to being a classic item, this light offers an alternative for people without access to an electrical grid, who would have formerly needed to use harmful kerosene to light their lamps in the evening.


You might get some funny looks if you attempted to tape a lot of incandescent bulbs to your car or under your cabinets in your new custom homes, but you can gain the exact same impact in a far more elegant method by using these useful LED strips, that can be nearly as bright as street lighting Readily available in a dazzling array of colors, they’re incredibly lightweight and are exceptionally flexible. The LEDs begin a roll and can even be cut to size so projects that you would have needed to hire a lighting expert or specialist for in the past can now be done quickly and for much cheaper. They’re also waterproof so they can easily be used outdoors.

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